Host Your Bitcoin Miners With Us!

Host your mining equipment HERE! Our facility is perfect for YOU!


We are currently at 100% capacity. Since the list of people inquiring has grown to over 3 megawatts the most equitable way to distribute this among those who want to host, is to conduct an online auction.


Physical Hosting

There's no better place for you to host your miner than our facility, Colohub. The 4th LARGEST data center in Iowa next to Facebook and Google. Our location affords us some of the least expensive power rates in the country.

Never lose a minute of production! Colohub has redundant bandwidth, cooling and power for 100% uptime and is completly climate controlled to increase the efficiency and longevity of your equipment.

Curently hosting over 200 miners of our own delivering 1.5 million Gh/s we have produced over 400 Bitcoins in 2016 alone!

Non Physical Hosting

Intrigued by the opportunity to be involved in the bitcoin market? We have the perfect simple solution for you. Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries from people wanting to get involved in bitcoins without the technical aspect of mining, we developed our own solution.