BTCMEQC Bitcoin Hosting

Hassle Free All Inclusive Mining Solutions

Intrigued by the opportunity to be involved in the bitcoin market? We have the perfect simple solution for you. Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries from people wanting to get involved in bitcoins without the technical aspect of mining, we developed our own solutions.

The Colohub Solution

1 Bitcoin will be priced at 90% current market value at the time of agreement

Each bitcoin Purchased will be deposited to your account in 12 equal monthly installments

Limit 2 bitcoins per customer

Monthly payments will be deposited to your personal bitcoin Wallet for you to spend, sell or accumulate at your discretion

Here's what some of the people on our program have said

"I was recently exposed to the bitcoin program and invested a small sum with BTCMEQC. They did a great job explaining the technical aspects of what Bitcoin is in laymen terms for me. It has proven to be a very solid investment with what I think is great potential".

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